Canada tourist visa

Canada Visa Requirements

  • Valid passport 
  • Filled up and signed application forms
  • Photocopy of passport biometric page 
  • Two photos 
  • Proof of financial support 
  • Bank certificate 
  • 3 months bank statement 
  • Proof of employment or business 
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate 
  • Purpose of travel

Visa Fees:

  • Visa assistance fee: Php5,500 
  • Visa fee: CAD100

Estimated processing time: 15 working days

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    Terms and Conditions:

    • Visa fee and visa assistance fee are nonrefundable once applied.
    • Visa approval is always at the discretion of the Consul at the Immigration Department. Scorpio Travel is not held liable for any visa rejections and fees are nonrefundable.
    • Scorpio Travel is not held liable for any offloading and rejection incidents at any Immigration airports.